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Leeloop protects your children
from lice… easily !

Leeloop is a revolutionary hairband protecting children from lice contamination extremely easily and safely. Thanks to an innovative process that seals in our 100% natural formula (the PhytoClear Complex), Leeloop hairband emits a scent that kids love… and lice hate.

Prevent lice easily

Discover Leeloop

Why going Leeloop ?

100% Natural

Leeloop is powered by a 100%
natural formula… Say goodbye to
pesticides and artificial ingredients !

95% Efficiency

Leeloop efficacy was tested by
independent institutions and
proven to repel lice by 95%.

100% Safe

Leeloop has gone through the
most severe tests and is fully safe
for children use (above 3 years old).


Leeloop was developed to allow
children to use the product on their
own… and feel independent!

Time & Cost Effective

Peace of mind for 15 cents a day !
Leeloop saves time and money…
No more painful combing !


Leeloop is fun, intuitive and easy to
apply in the hair. It fits in a pocket
or in a school pencil case … Cool !


Head lice can survive for 48 hours off your scalp, even with no access to fresh blood.


12 million annual cases of lice in children (ages 3-11) in the US alone.


A female louse can lay an average of 120 eggs in just 28 days (life cycle)!


Girls are 3 to 4 times more likely to get head lice than boys.